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Merry Christmas 2016 Messages‘Holiday’, for most of the people the expression denotes one jollification, to be specific, Christmas. The denotation of the word holiday divulges a religious component which many people are unaware of. Actually, the word holiday has come from the utterance A religious Festival or A holy Day. Christmas is obviously a pious holy day. Despite all the mercantile trapping of the modern celebration, Christmas remains at its height of the superior religious festival, a Day when the Christians commemorate the Birth of Jesus. The people all over the world exchange gifts and messages in honour of the greatest gift ever given and all say that Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas 2016 Messages,greetings.

Though 25th December is celebrated as Jesus’s Birthday but neither any scripted evidence supports this nor most of the historians do not agree with this point that he was born on the 25th of December. To discover the God being honoured during Christmas, it is necessary to look back to its Pagan Origins. Celebrations on 25th began shortly after time with the birth of Timur's. Today’s Christmas customs come directly from Babylon and Pagan Rome. The Pagan Romans used to honour the Roman god Saturn with a week-long festival in December, called as Saturnalia. Saturn was regarded as the Roman God of time and harvest.
It was why he was usually depicted holding a seith and he was the cruellest among all Pagan Gods who demanded Child sacrifice. Later the child sacrifice was replaced by shading blood by the gladiators in the honour of bloodthirsty Sturn. Nowadays the God Saturn emerges in the modern society in the form of Santa who has much resemblance to the Pagan God of Time. Merry Christmas 2016 Messages

The Beginning Of The Christmas Greetings:


Practically, We honour Jesus as the son of Yeah ah, the creator of the heaven and earth. It is when an assortment of good will wishes or messages are often applied to address strangers, friends and family. There are some greetings which are found to be more prevalent than that of others, depending on the location and culture of a particular region. Traditionally we have come through exactly two predominant Christmas greetings of ages, Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas. It was the pick of the 20th Century when greetings like Happy Holidays or Season’s happy Greetings had begun predominantly popular and later this was followed by most of the countries in North America and Europe.

Voyage Of The Oldest Christmas Message:


Merry Christmas messages are begun to be shared among the people a few week before the Christmas. Originally ‘Merry Christmas’ phrase comprises two words, at first merry which has been derived from the old English word ‘mirage’. The word marriage actually means agreeable or pleasant rather than jolly or joyous. It was only after the publication of Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ the word took the modern meaning of Joyous. It can be known from the history that the Christmas has been celebrated throughout the world from the end of 4th Century AD and the earliest evidence of Christmas greeting is found in 1565 in the Hereford Municipal Manuscript where the phrase merry Christmas is known to have been used for the first time.. The alternative of Merry Christmas in forms of Happy Christmas became popular during the 19th century. It is when Queen Elizabeth ii was found also to wish in her annual greetings happy ChristmasMerry Christmas 2016 Messages.

Merry Christmas 2016 Messages

The wish ‘Happy Holiday greetings’ replacing ‘Happy Christmas’ dated back to 1870s and it was commonly used in most of the departmental stores of the United States as an aphorism. There is a major controversy regarding this wish. Some say that it was actually an attack on the pure form of Christianity whereas there are some other who opine that due to emerging non-christian population Merry Christmas took a more or less secular shape and turned towards Happy Christmas.Merry Christmas 2016 Messages.
During the late 19th Century, with growing commercial predominance the Christmas messages such as Season’s Greetings, Christmas’s Greetings ,  Compliments of the Season had become popular and even these messages are found in White House Christmas Cards during 1955.

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